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Case Study imageAfter attending a Cornwall Channel networking event, Josh found out about the Partner to Succeed Sales Growth Collaboration Clubs and has since gone on to make significant positive changes to his business strategy.

“Before starting to work with Partner to Succeed, Service Please implemented a direct sales strategy, such as door-to-door selling, starting from the ground up to build relationships with potential clients. While this resulted in steady sales it was also very time consuming.”

After working with Partner to Succeed, Service Please came to the realisation that the key to their sales growth was to completely re-evaluate their existing sales channels and to explore the use of re-sellers. Since this realisation Service Please have started working with a company called CST Ltd, who sell new technology to the food and catering industry nationwide. Since working with CST Ltd, the Service Please product has seen sales in excess of £30k and found themselves reaching destinations as far as Estonia and the United Arab Emirates.

“We have also secured 10 systems to be installed in what is Europe’s largest restaurant in Bristol called ‘Za Za Bazzar’, which has 3 separate floors and seats 1000 diners serving food and drinks from five continents. And we are now 75% of the way through developing a new wristwatch system that communicates between the kitchen and front of house staff. I feel 2012 will be a great year and would like to say a big thanks to Partner to Succeed for all their help and strategies – I will remember the team as I sip cocktails in the Caribbean!”

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