Silvertree Case StudyQES saw the opportunity to add to their portfolio for their existing clients and a prospective product that would aid to geographical expansion, whereas Silvertree saw the ability to enter a new market. It was at this time that P2S became involved to aid the collaboration. Both companies are ambitious and actively looking for new opportunities to expand, making it an ideal pairing.

Through regular strategic discussions covering future developments of the product, market identity and the advantages of a collaborative partnership facilitated by P2S, the companies devised an action plan allowing them to share technical expertise, market knowledge and the idea of co-branding the product in order to launch it for the Legionella detection marketplace.

Mike Quest, Managing Director of QES, said: “We had already spoken about the idea with Silvertree Engineering prior to meeting Mark from Partner to Succeed, but what we really needed was a catalyst to get the project started and someone to support the ongoing work.

“As a result of Partner to Succeed’s involvement, we are now well on the way towards launching a co-branded legionella warning system with Silvertree Engineering. There is no doubt that this could have a massive impact on both our profit margins, and it’s very exciting for all those involved”.

Silvertree Case StudyThe collaboration is now well on it’s way; co-branded brochures have been produced and the artwork for the control panel is ready to be printed. QES were asked to speak at Infection Control 2010 – NHS Conference, where they introduced the Icespy project to a number of NHS Trusts throughout the UK. Having such access to high-level clients has lead to Devon Primary Care Trust to take on Icespy for a test installation. QES are now speaking to UKTI about entry to international markets, they have a seminar in Dublin later this year for the Public Sector and if this project continues to grow as it is currently, they will need further resources and high level skills within the business.

Mark Sansby, Business Development Manager at Partner to Succeed commented: “What we have arrived at is a unique solution to an issue both companies faced. There are other Legionella detection products and there are other experts, but this solution brings both aspects together and offers an innovative UK wide solution”.

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