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Profile ImagePiran Technologies are an innovative IT company, as well as a Cisco Premier Partner, making them one of the primary businesses for Cisco Support throughout the South West. They came to collaboration specialists Partner to Succeed looking to identify new opportunities in the market that would allow them to work further afield with more clients. As a result, the company has made significant cost savings and increased its potential for future business through collaboration opportunities with its main client.

“Business collaboration is an element often overlooked but once you get involved you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner,” says Mark Wright, Managing Director of PIran Technologies.

Piran Technologies took part in Partner to Succeed’s Resource Efficiency Collaboration Club, which specifically helps businesses to assess their current energy usage, review their environmental impact and identify collaborative solutions that could make their activities more effective.

“I attended the club with the intention of meeting other like-minded businesses and sharing ideas on resource management and reduction.  I was also interested in taking this beyond the usual “How much am I paying for my utilities” to establish leaner ways of measuring and managing all of our business resources such as staff, office space, remote working and computing requirements. It was really useful in understanding some of the tools available to proactively monitor resources.”

The club itself has allowed Piran Technologies to implement a more ‘cloud’ based system, meaning that they were able to save a significant cost by removing some of the servers from their business.  This not only saved energy costs, but also made them more efficient and has allowed them to offer a similar solution to many of their customers.

Following the club, Partner to Succeed also discussed collaborative opportunities that would allow Piran Technologies to work more closely with Cisco and enable them to look at a virtual conferencing networking solutions that will allow better connectivity between South West businesses and the rest of the world.

As a direct result of involvement in the Collaboration Clubs, Piran Technologies forecasts a minimum of 10% savings on their energy consumption costs. Potential collaborative opportunity from the closer working with Cisco could also benefit the company more significantly in the longer term.

“I would definitely recommend collaboration to other businesses,” says Mark.

“There is always something to learn and the best way to do this is to share ideas and experiences. Collaboration helps make all its participants strengthen their business, which is excellent for the local and national economy.”

“Business collaboration is an element often overlooked but once you get involved you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner” Mark Wright, Piran Technologies

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