Type 3: Partner to Market

A company wants to expand through accessing new markets. Collaborating with a partner who is already operating in those areas means they can offer a wider portfolio of products and services increasing their market penetration.

The Philips/Douwe Egberts Collaboration

Coffee Maker ImageThere are many examples of how strategic alliances and collaborations can be used by businesses to access new markets by sharing the risk with partners. One is that between Philips and the coffee brand Douwe Egberts which produced the co-branded Senseo coffeemaker, enabling both to expand into new areas, reaching new customers.

In the creative field of fashion, Kate Moss has famously collaborated with Top Shop, whilst Starbucks has collaborated with United Airlines to ensure that Starbucks is the only coffee served on UA flights. Closer to home Rodda’s have a collaboration with British Airways to ensure it is their clotted cream which is served in-flight.

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