High Efficiency Fluid and Gas Pumps

The pump is the next generation of fluid and gas pumps. This scalable pump has applications ranging from naval propulsion to refrigeration compression, vacuum generation, and high pressure water pumping.

High efficiency fluid and gas pumps with quiet compressors

Requested co-operation:

License agreement, joint further development, testing of new applications, adaptation to specific needs.

Type of partner sought:


The specific area of activity of the partner:

Pump and compressor manufacturing companies and defence contractors.

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:

Research, investment, and/or manufacturing/R&D.

More information:

The inventor of this technology has a thorough understanding of current related technology, and has spent 15 years in R&D for the technology and the technology has been evaluated by Leybold company of Germany and Innovative Product Technology, INC (USA). The evaluation result has been very positive.

Innovative aspects:

The pump runs quieter, smoother, and more efficiently than any other high-pressure water pump. It can replace propellers in navigation for naval vessels. Also submarines and other naval vessels utilising this technology for their propulsion can reduce their noise signature and increase stealth.

The pump is so efficient that it can realise the same propulsion as a currently available pumps but in a 30~70% smaller size. This reduction in volume is especially useful in cases of restricted space such as in submarines and naval vessels.

The pump is useful not just for large, naval applications, but it is also perfectly suited for tasks such as air and refrigeration compressors, vacuum generation and vehicle air-conditioning compression. The pump utilises the same technology for air, water and oil pump to run quieter, smoother, and more efficiently and with less resistance.

If you would like some more information, please contact Neil Roach on 01872 613003.

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