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Furniture Makers Case StudyTim Bowcock, Director, Black Cat PR says, “Partner to Succeed approached us with the idea of bringing together a number of individual furniture designer manufacturers to share both best practice and a custom-built legacy e-commerce system to expand their market reach. When combined with a centrally managed
national PR campaign we had a gem of a collaboration. Their idea was to encourage businesses to work together to achieve more. In short, their suggestion was to Partner-to-Succeed.”

Through a period of careful research, the 6 Cornish businesses and 6 national businesses were identified and was born. It was designed by Darren Shilson of Partner to Succeed, who says, “developing a complex site that can be accessed by 12 suppliers, that not only looked good but also functioned well, was the real challenge. The tool to provide online trading was only a small part. It was the fact that these providers needed to continue, and potentially expand their collaboration after Partner to Succeed had finished working with them was the real nub. PR surrounding the launch of the site would generate more interest and hence more collaborative members, so I had to create a tool that would make it possible for complete ownership after the event.”

Christian O’Reilly, Higher Market, Journeyman, Mistress Metal, Re-Form and Scott Woyka were the six Cornish businesses involved in the collaboration, and all are anticipating strong growth as a result of working together. Each of these businesses, all sole traders and SMEs, now have a client relationship with a PR agency which gives them national reach, and a high quality trading platform which they would never have been able to build on their own.

Every collaboration that Partner to Succeed facilitates must include at least one Cornish Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) which could benefit from partnering with similar businesses from outside Cornwall to achieve greater success. The value of this becomes particularly apparent in this collaboration where six bespoke furniture manufacturers from Cornwall sought six similar businesses from Devon and elsewhere in the UK. As a result they have developed a heightened sense of unity, and a new-found working relationship with each other, demonstrating that their products are complementary, not competition. Partner to Succeed hopes this will continue and strengthen long into the future.

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