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Dog Cam Case StudyDCS Systems was founded in 2005 and since then have been at the forefront of helmet camera and head camera technology in the UK. Whilst continuing to develop and distribute the finest miniature wearable camera equipment available, DCS Systems also carry a large range of covert filming equipment, supplying the police, armed services and special forces, as well as film companies, the BBC and the retail sector.

Partner to Succeed first met DCS Systems early in July 2009. Since then they have worked closely with them to understand the potential of their new 2 piece ‘Point-of-View’ High Definition Camera, ‘HDPro’, designed specifically for use in any situation requiring a helmet-mounted camera. Last year DCS Systems sold approximately 200 standard digital camera systems and are now anticipating huge demand for the HDPro with its high definition quality, when it launches later this year. Partner to Succeed’s role was to find collaborative partner(s) who could help DCS maximise their first-to-market advantage by creating strong brand awareness and as a result, achieve strong global sales, before competitors begin to come forward.

HDPro’s recording equipment is showerproof whilst the camera itself is waterproof. This made extreme sports an obvious fit in terms of marrying an enthusiastic customer base who have above average adoption of new technology, with the perfect means of creating a high quality record of their activities. Desk research with a focus on extreme sports was therefore core to much of the work undertaken by Partner to Succeed. From this there evolved further research into global brands associated with this specialist area, creating potential targets for collaboration, especially from those who cross-sell into more than one sport.

As a result of Partner to Succeed’s work, DCS Systems are preparing to enter in to negotiations with Atherton Team Days, a trio of siblings who are mountain bike team riders with an annual sponsorship from the global sports brand ‘Animal’. The obvious benefits of having their product endorsed or even co-branded would make HDPro’s entrance to the market much, much easier.

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