Collaboration Opportunities

Regularly updated, this page keeps you informed of current collaboration opportunities from businesses we are already working with, as well as opportunities further afield, from partners including the Enterprise Europe Network, UKTi and Pera, the European innovation network.  You will also find details of current tender opportunities here.

Innovative Marine Safety Products and Accessories

A well-established company working in the marine sector and dealing with marine equipment and accessories is interested in reviewing innovative products. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with extended technical assistance.

High Efficiency Fluid and Gas Pumps

The pump is the next generation of fluid and gas pumps. This scalable pump has applications ranging from naval propulsion to refrigeration compression, vacuum generation, and high pressure water pumping.

Reducing Air Pollution in Buildings

The UK company is seeking architects, commercial property developers, civil engineering companies, facilities management teams and infrastructure developers to utilise the service for properties such as commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, retail outlets and major urban developments.

Manufacturing Complex Metal Parts

A Dutch SME is offering a technology which makes it possible to manufacture custom-made low volume small complex metal parts for application in customised high end equipment. The technology is based on a combination of wax 3D printing and lost wax casting.

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