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Sharing resources, information and risk, means companies are better equipped to maintain a competitive edge, especially in today’s economic climate. The result leaves you both stronger and ready to move forward with added confidence, an ideal position to be in as we begin to pull out of the recession.

There are of course many different ways that businesses can work together and every partnership is unique. However, collaboration activities can be categorised into three broad types.

Type 1: Partner to Innovate

A company wants to develop a new product or service but does not have the relevant knowledge or technique.  Collaborating with a business which does have the right capabilities will create a mutually beneficial result as each side brings their own relevant areas of expertise.

Type 2: Partner to Produce

A company identifies a business opportunity but doesn’t have the capacity or the capability to develop it. Collaborating with a business who does have the capacity can produce either an increased quantity or a broader range of offerings.

Type 3: Partner to Market

A company wants to expand through accessing new markets. Collaborating with a partner who is already operating in those areas means they can offer a wider portfolio of products and services increasing their market penetration.

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