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Partner to Succeed is part of YTKO Ltd, headquartered in the UK and working internationally. Under the EU’s new Convergence investment programme for Cornwall, YTKO have been appointed to set up and manage the Partner to Succeed programme for the county, supporting 380 businesses of all sizes over its three-year lifespan. £1.35 million funding has been awarded by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as part of the overall £25 million EU investment aimed at supporting business growth in Cornwall.

Partner to Succeed has employed a skilled team with extensive local knowledge and experience.  This ensures we know and understand the economic landscape of the county and appreciate the challenges unique to the Cornish business community.

Our aim is to encourage and support businesses to work together through collaboration or joint ventures to pursue market opportunities that they would be unable to do on their own, to attract new customers and accelerate sales revenues. In turn, this should stimulate and accelerate the local economy through joint working and professional support services.

We work closely with Business Link, existing business networks, and sector-specific organisations, throughout the county and the UK to ensure successful, tangible projects.

Cornwall’s Business Collaboration Network is loosely modeled on YTKO’s very successful www.norfolknetwork.com which was started in May 2003 as a public/private joint project and eventually spun-out as a separate organisation. YTKO is ‘Customer First accredited’, the holder of the ‘Prowess Flagship Awards’ across all of its services, and in addition to its headquarters in Cambridge, YTKO has domestic offices in Norwich and Leeds, and international offices in Greece and France. These extended networks enable Cornish businesses to take full advantage of the services provided by each office.

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